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For Managing and Settling the Affairs of a Loved One

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Survived By is dedicated to providing comprehensive educational content that will help you navigate the EOL process. Click here now to explore our robust resource library.

EOL Checklist & Budget Tools

Calculate  your loved one’s holistic EOL expenses including various line itmes such such as hospice care, obituary posting, memorial flowers, estate attorney fees, grief counseling and more.


Question & Answer Forums

Post your questions, and find answers from peers and professionals in various categories, and our staff.  There is no such thing as a stupid question.  Ask away!

EOL Vendor Directory

Find businesses in your area that provide quality products and services within the EOL industry such as estate attorneys, hospice nurses, funeral homes, and many more.

Obituary Services

Post an obituary to our archives here on our website for free.  Optionally, submit to your local Newspaper(s) in participating areas more easily than ever.


EOL Memorial Store

Create stationary or personalize memorial gifts and keepsakes to remember loved ones.  Add photos, custom text, and use our free stock graphics or upload your own.

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Welcome to survivedby

Survived by is an end of life resource and vendor directory. We provide complimentary educational resources and tools for people planning for end of life and those managing and settling the affairs of a terminally ill or deceased love one.

Additionally, we connect visitors to local businesses that provide the products and services necessary for handling end of life affairs such as hospice and palliative care, legal services, funeral and memorial services, obituaries, and dozens of other categories of service.

Our hope, is that our offerings help in some small way during this very difficult time, allowing you more time to celebrate your loved one’s life and mourn their loss.

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