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LA Funeral Celebrant – Andrea Schenck

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31 Eastern Ave., Pasadena, California, USA 91107

Andrea Schenck has been a certified funeral celebrant since 2009. She lives in Pasadena, California and serves the Los Angeles area. Her strengths are listening, empathy, writing, and public speaking. It has been her greatest honor to serve families when their loved ones have passed on. Andrea meets with families prior to any service, this time together is one of the most important steps to learn about your loved one, share stories and begin the grieving process in a safe environment. Next she will research, write, and design a eulogy that reflects your loved ones personal beliefs as well as respecting the families requests. Finally, she will officiate the service, deliver the eulogy, encourage family participation, and create a personalized remembrance for your loved one and the families involved. Services can be held at funeral homes, private residences, outdoor venues and grave-side.

Why do I do this?: When my father-in-law John suddenly passed away in 2009, which was early into my marriage, my mother-in-law was so sad, lost and didn’t know what to do and asked for help. I loved my father-in-law but I did not have the history my husband and his family had shared with John since I had only known him for a few years. I was able to assist with the planning and participate in the service. This was a really powerful experience and I remember sharing this with people. A woman had said you should be a “Celebrant”. I had no idea what that was and had to get on Google immediately. A few months later I completed my training through the InSight Institute and didn’t look back.

During this time I immersed myself in researching the perfect eulogies, poetry, music and rituals and was brought back to the time my own father Joseph had passed away when he was only 48 years old from cancer. It was a really sad and tough time. In addition to my personal loss there was a lot of dysfunctional family issues going on. My father had started a new family while I was still in grade school and unfortunately his new family did not like his old family. This included my mom, brother and me. So when my father passed I had prepared a speech and really wanted to be heard. My father’s new family did not include my brother or me in the obituary and we were not allowed to speak at the service. I was 19 years old and had a really hard time being silenced and in my mind history was being re-written. In hindsight this was an amazing gift – I learned services are to honor and celebrate loved-ones but they are also for the survivors, families want a voice and want to be heard. I never want a family member to go through what I had and I want to document the true family story.

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Phone: 310-261-0686

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