End of Life Care

EOL Care and well being in the final years is an ongoing cost, but is important for the health & quality of life of loved ones.


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What Is End of Life Care?

End of Life Care is important in helping making our loved ones most comfortable in their final days.

End of Life Care Tips

Please enjoy the next video regarding dealing with End of Life Care, and check out some of our articles on this page for more information.

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What is a Death Doula

What is a Death Doula

A death doula is non-medical individual who is trained to care for others at the end of life.  He or she provides holistic care in terms of the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual realms.  Death doulas are also known as end-of-life coaches, death...

End of Life Care Options

End of Life Care Options

It is a fact that at some point most of us will have to deal with deciding on the best end-of-life care options for either a loved one or ourselves.  It is a daunting and emotional task so here is some information on the types of end-of-life care options to help you...