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Estate Planning & Settlement

  1. How To Discuss End of Life Estate Planning With Your Parents
  2. What Kind of Insurance Should I Buy to Prepare for End of Life
  3. What is Estate Planning
  4. What is an Ethical Will and How to Write One
  5. What is a Legacy Letter and How to Write One
  6. What is the Difference Between a Will and a Trust
  7. What Are The Largest Expenses Of Death
  8. Do I Need Both a Will and a Trust
  9. What is a Will and Do I Need One
  10. What Is A Power of Attorney
  11. What Happens When There Is No Will or Trust In Place
  12. How To Best Prepare My Estate Before I Die: 9 Steps
  13. What Is A Trust
  14. Why Naming Beneficiaries On Assets Outside a Will Is Important
  15. How to Select an Executor for your Will or a Trustee for Your Trust
  16. What is a Fiduciary and Why Would I Need One
  17. What is a Notary Public, Why Would I Need One and How Would I Hire Them
  18. What is a Mediator and How Are They Used When Settling an Estate 
  19. What to do With My Loved One’s Car Lease After They Die
  20. What to do With my Loved One’s Credit Card Accounts After They Die
  21. What to do With my Loved One’s Social Media Accounts After They Die
  22. How to Name a Legal Guardian for my Children in the Case That I Die
  23. Best Investment Accounts for Seniors
  24. Do All Wills Go Through Probate
  25. How to Stop Your Deceased Loved One’s Mail
  26. How to Cancel Your Deceased Love One’s Drivers License
  27. What is a Trust Company
  28. What is an Estate Planner
  29. What Is Probate
  30. What’s an Estate Final Accounting
  31. What is a Letter of Testamentary
  32. What is the Difference Between a Revocable and an Irrevocable Trust
  33. What Is An Advanced Directive