It’s a real part of the process that should not be ignored.  There are healthy, productive, and natural ways to manage grief, and there is help available for anyone that needs someone to talk to while processing the loss of a loved one.


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What Is Grief?

Grief is generally defined as deep sorrow, usually caused by someone’s death.

How to Deal With Grief Tips

Please enjoy the next video regarding dealing with grief, and check out some of our articles on this page for more information.

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What is Shiva

What is Shiva

Shiva is the first structured period of mourning in the Judaism religion.  In Hebrew, the word 'shiva' means 'seven'.  Therefore, shiva, in terms of Jewish mourning, is a seven-day mourning period observed by close family members of the deceased, including the spouse,...

End of Life Social Media Etiquette

End of Life Social Media Etiquette

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How to Support a Grieving Loved One

How to Support a Grieving Loved One

When someone we love is grieving it’s hard to know how to comfort them or what to say. Our hearts break as we watch them grieve and yet we’re often at a loss as to what we should do to provide comfort. We want to help but we’re scared we’ll say or do the wrong thing...

How to Select Pallbearers

How to Select Pallbearers

When planning a funeral, you will be faced with many decisions you need to make. One of those decisions revolves around deciding who will carry the casket if there is one.  If there is not a casket (i.e. the deceased has already been buried or cremated), you may want...