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    Kunal SKunal S

    You can contact Anthyesti which is the best funeral service provider in Bangalore offering all these services.

    Anthyesti helpline number – +919883318181

    Transportation of a dead body?

    There are three types of scenarios where the dead body needs to be transported from one place to another. Anthyesti provides services in all these types of cases:

    1. Local Services: When death has happened in one’s city and the dead body needs to be brought home from the hospital. In this situation Anthyesti provides the following:

    A. Dead body carrier vehicles

    B. Hearse van

    C. Freezer boxes

    D. Funeral helpers

    E. Shraadh priests.

    2. Dead body transport within India: Anthyesti provides dead body transport from one city to another city anywhere in India. This can happen in two ways:

    1. Dead body transport by Road

    2. Dead body transport by Air

    For any type of dead body transportation, some basic documents are required such as Death Certificate, postmortem report, etc. Anthyesti will guide you freely about the documents that should be ready and about the procedure to be followed after death.

    Dead Body Transport by Road:

    If the dead body needs to be transported within 600km it can be taken by road/ground ambulance. Anthyesti will send you the nearest mortuary vehicle that can reach you at the earliest and take the dead body to the funeral place on-time. If the body is to be transported to a long distance they will provide you with the freezer box along with the mortuary vehicle to place the dead body to prevent it from decomposition.

    Dead Body Transportation by Air:

    In the case of transportation by air in India Anthyesti, will help you in getting the documents that are needed for air transport.

    Anthyesti will take care of end to end procedure without any delay and at the best price.

    3. Dead body transport from anywhere across the world: Transporting the human remains from abroad can be the most challenging process for anyone as it involves a lot of documentation and clearances. The trained executives at Anthyesti guide you in documentation and clearances involved in the transport of human remains from abroad.

    Our embalming team assures optimal packing conditions for safe transfer by air.

    The steps of international repatriation of mortal remains include:

    1. Clearance from hospital authorities.1. Death Certificate from the hospital.

    a. Obtain the death certificate in the specific format either from the hospital or from a qualified local.

    b. In the case of post mortem, obtain a disposal order certificate.

    c. Arrange for freezing at a mortuary

    2. Obtain a police NOC: Obtain a police NOC in the format for blood relatives or custodians.

    3. Obtain a packing/embalming certificate – Get a packing certificate and coffin & embalming certificate from the mortuary.

    4. Get the airway bill /cargo booking

    a. Report the documents to the AWB section at least 4 hours before the departure of the flight.

    b. Submit at least 6-7 copies of the above documents

    With Anthyesti by your side, all of the above are arranged for you.

    You just have to receive the remains of your loved one and pay your last regard by performing the last rites.

    For more details call Anthyesti: +919883318181

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