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  • Enter the title of the obituary, which usually includes or is the name of the recently passed.

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Please Note: Final Costs Will Depend on Obituary Length and Newspaper Selected

Depending on the newspaper you selected, additional charges may apply. We will contact you after we get the exact cost from the newspaper of your choosing, for the length of the obituary you’ve submitted. IF there are no extra charges, we’ll post right away. If there are, we will contact you via email with the added charges. Newspapers have varying costs and formulas for pricing, but generally range from $0 to $50, with expensive ones with longer lengths ranging up to around $250. If you receive an additional invoice, you are not required to pay it. We will wait for your payment, and if you pay, we will submit to the newspaper for you. We do not add any markup to this service beyond our up-front fee for getting you the pricing and handling the submission for you. If you choose not to pay the newspaper fee, your free obituary post will still remain public here on our website either way.

Submit an Obituary to Local Newspapers.

This service submits obituaries to local newspapers.  Submitting to local newspapers is a standard practice to make the announcement of someone’s passing, usually in the home town of the recently passed.

NOTE:  You must post the obituary in our archive here on our website first, in order for it to be submitted to newspapers.  Use the ID of your post with the purchase of this service.  DO NOT EMAIL US the obituary.

Reference the Obituary Post ID

Use the ID number of your recently posted obituary here on our website with your purchase of this service.

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