In today’s society, cremation is becoming more and more popular, rather than the traditional burial.  This is especially true as the cost of funerals and burials continue to rise.

However, most of us don’t want to simply put our loved one in an urn and set them on the mantelpiece.  There are countless ways to spread your loved one’s ashes.  You don’t have to decide right away.  Take your time and make a decision that is best for you, your family, and respectful of the one who has passed away.

Here are ten possible ways to spread your loved one’s ashes.

On the Water

Charter a boat, or take your own, and scatter the ashes out on the lake or the ocean.  This is especially appropriate if your loved one loved the water.  You don’t have to go out on the water; you can also scatter the ashes at the water’s edge.  Watching the ashes float down a river can be extremely symbolic. Click here to purchase a water burial urn for ashes.

Create Memorial Fireworks

There are companies who create memorial fireworks from your loved one’s ashes.  Have them created and set them off. Remember the life and love of the one who passed away as you watch the brilliant light display.

Scatter with Wildflower Seeds

Rather than simply scattering the ashes, scatter them with wildflower seeds.  As the wildflowers grow, you will remember your loved one.  It can also represent the cycle of life.  Alternatively, if you can’t use wildflower seeds, consider using flower petals instead.

Viking Ship Funeral

Place the ashes of your loved one into a replica of a Viking ship, set it aflame, and watch them drift away.

Plant a Tree

As concern for the future of our environment grows, incorporating the idea of improving the environment is becoming increasingly popular even in the realm of spreading ashes.  Biodegradable urns are available which are designed to help, rather than harm, the environment.  They create an excellent habitat in which to plant a tree or bush.  Alternatively, the ashes can simply be spread around the base of the newly planted tree, a tree that can remind you of the beauty of your loved one’s life.

Lantern Ceremony

As you scatter the ashes, you and your family can release paper lanterns at the same time.  It creates a beautiful ceremony.  Some lanterns include special messages or prayers to honor your loved one.

Turn the Ashes into Jewelry

Although this idea doesn’t involve actually spreading your loved one’s ashes, it provides a way to keep your loved one close to you.  There is an ever-expanding group of companies who can help you in this process.  The ashes can be incorporated right into the jewelry, such as with crystal beads.  Alternatively, the ashes can be carried in the jewelry, such as fillable lockets.

Write Notes

Write notes on biodegradable paper to scatter along with the ashes.  Family members can each write a note saying good-bye to your loved one.  You can also write the notes on paper that contains a plant seed.

Make Music

Yes, your loved one’s ashes can become part of your favorite album.  The ashes can be pressed into a record that has voice recordings or plays your favorite songs.

Go on a Trip

Especially appropriate if your loved one enjoyed traveling or always wanted to travel and didn’t have the opportunity to do so.  Take a trip with loved one’s ashes.  Most airlines allow passengers to travel with cremated ashes, carried in an appropriate container.  Click here to learn how to travel your loved one’s ashes internationally. Check with the airline to find out their policies regarding this.  If you want, you can leave a little part of your loved one in each destination you visit.

There are many ideas for creating a beautiful experience from the scattering of your loved one’s ashes.  Choose an idea that is best for you and your family, one that honors your loved one and the beauty he or she brought into your life.