Unfortunately, we all face the inevitability of losing a loved one.  Everyone reacts differently; the grief process is unique for each individual.  In the midst of the grief comes the need to make an abundance of decisions.  One key decision is where to hold your loved one’s funeral.  Do you want to stick with the typical choices or go with something more unusual?  What would best honor your loved one, best represent the essence of his or her life and the impact he or she had on the lives of the people around them?

We have put together a list of a few of the more typical and more unusual venues where you could consider holding your loved one’s funeral.  The list is by no means complete.

More Traditional Venues

Most families still choose a more traditional venue.  Some make the decision based on a bond they hold with a particular venue or because they feel it is the most suiting and honoring choice for their loved one.

Places of Worship

Many individuals choose to hold the funeral at a local place of worship, perhaps one that their loved one attended, or one that had some significance in his or her life.  Many find comfort in the peaceful surroundings.  The architecture and décor of worship venues are designed to provide a sense of calm and peace, qualities very much appreciated during a funeral service

Funeral Homes

Not all individuals have a connection with any specific place of worship.  Then, using a more generic setting such as a funeral home or crematorium hall is often a suitable choice.  Again, the architecture and décor evoke tranquility.  The staff is extremely helpful and able to handle or at least assist in many of the details of the funeral planning process.

Less Traditional Venues

Choosing a less traditional venue seems to be becoming more of a trend.  Since many people no longer feel any sort of a tie or bond to a place of worship or funeral home , they are now looking elsewhere.  Choices are often made based on the character of the deceased and his or her values, likes, hobbies, and interests.  Here are a few possible ideas for you to consider.

City, State, or National Park

Did your loved one love the outdoors?  Did he or she spend as much time as possible getting out into nature?  If so, choosing one of his or her favorite parks might seem an excellent choice.  Perhaps he or she spent a lot of time at a local park?  On the other hand, was he or she a camper and spent every weekend going out to a state or national park?  Then holding the funeral at that particular location may be the best way to honor your loved one, to remember the essence of who he or she was.


Did your loved one enjoy going to dinner?  Perhaps he or she had a favorite place to dine, one that holds special significance.  It may have been the corner diner where friends gathered every week.  It may have been a fancy restaurant where he or she went to celebrate special occasions.  It really does not matter.  If it was important to your loved one, then perhaps you want to consider holding the funeral at that location.


Was your loved one an animal lover?  Then perhaps the zoo would be a good choice of venue for the funeral.  Most zoos have rooms available to be rented.  Guests could be encouraged to come early or stay after the funeral and wander around the zoo in honor of the loved one who has passed away.

On the Water

This is the perfect venue for honoring an individual who loved to spend their time out on the water.  Take your boat out or charter a larger vessel on which to hold the funeral.  It can provide comfort to hold the funeral in a setting appreciated by the deceased.  It helps bring about a sense of closeness or connection.

Remember, the choice is yours.  Take the time to make the best decision for yourself and your family.  Decide which venue you feel would most honor your loved one, whether it be a traditional or non-traditional location.