In today’s society, many individuals are choosing to hold a memorial service or celebration of life rather than a more traditional funeral service.  A memorial service or celebration of life allows for more creativity in planning in the event, providing the ability to tailor the event to suit the personality of the loved one who has passed away.

One area in which there is more flexibility is a venue.

Traditional Venues

It is still perfectly acceptable to hold the service in a more traditional venue, such as a church, funeral home, or community hall.  This is especially appropriate if the deceased had close ties with a religious group and would have wanted their service to be held in the facility where they attended services.

Non-traditional Venues

However, holding a memorial service or celebration of life also opens up many unique possibilities for venues.  Venues can be chosen based on the personality of the deceased in order to provide a fitting tribute.

Here is a list of a few possible non-traditional venues.

Golf Course or Golf Club

This is especially appropriate if the deceased was an avid golfer.  You may decide to hold part of the service on the golf course itself before moving in to the golf club to gather together and spend time reminiscing and sharing stories.

Take a Boat out on the Water

This is appropriate for the loved one who enjoyed being out on the water.  It provides a peaceful setting in which to hold the service.  You could charter a boat for a special cruise or go out in fishing boats.  It would depend on just how your loved one spent their time on the water.  You may want to combine the scattering of the ashes with this type of service.

Baseball Diamond

Again, if your loved one was a baseball aficionado, then what could be a more appropriate venue to hold the service?  What an excellent way to pay tribute and remember your loved one.

Outdoor Park or Garden

Perfect for remembering a loved one who enjoyed nature, or one who spent endless hours puttering in the garden.  The service could include a tea set up in the garden or a picnic set up in a national park.

Movie Theatre

Rent a movie theater to hold a private screening of your loved one’s favourite movie. What an amazing way to pay tribute and remember the times you spent together.  Before the movie plays, you may want to take some time and allow individuals to get up and speak about their favourite memories.

University or College Campus

Some individuals are die-hard sports fanatics of their alma mater teams.  A fitting tribute would be to hold the service in one of their favourite venues, the school’s sports field. Alternatively, perhaps they simply retained strong ties with their alma mater.  In this case, you might choose to hold the service in the campus chapel, a classroom, or an auditorium.

Bowling Alley

What a fitting and unique venue for the avid bowler.  Rent out a bowling alley for an afternoon and bring family and friends together to reminisce and perhaps play a game in honor of the deceased.

Brewery or Winery

Whether your loved one was a home brewer, winemaker, or connoisseur, a fitting venue for their service would be in a local brewery or winery.  Perhaps rent the facility for a private tasting, or set up in a suitable location to gather together and reminisce.


If your loved one was a history buff or art lover, then a museum might be an appropriate place to hold the service.  Many museums have halls available for rent.  Those attending the service can take time either before or after the service to wander through the museum and enjoy the exhibits.

And the List Goes On

Other possible venues include a restaurant, the local zoo, or a historic mansion. The list is simply limited by your imagination.  Take the time to sit down and reflect on the personality of the deceased and what was the most important to them.  Then decide on a venue that would be befitting of their uniqueness.